“ Constitution of the Association of French Teachers in Singapore “




1 | Name

The name of the Association shall be Association of French Teachers in Singapore (APFS) and shall be herein after referred to as APFS.

2 | Place of Business

The place of business of the APFS shall be:


or any other places subsequently decided by the Committee and approved by the Registrar of Societies.

3 | Definitions

3.1 – APFS – Association of French Teachers in Singapore

3.2 – Constitution – Constitution of the Association

3.3 – Ex-Co – Executive Committee of the Alumni, excluding co-opted members without voting rights

3.4 – General Meeting – A General Meeting of members of the APFS

3.5 – AGM – Annual general Meeting

3.6 – EGM – Extra-ordinary General Meeting

3.7 – Provisions – Provisions made under the Constitution

3.8 – Outside Persons – Person who is not a member regardless of whether he is a private individual or a representative of any society or organization other than the APFS

3.9 – Words importing the singular number include the plural and vice-versa.

3.10 – Words importing the masculine gender include the feminine gender and vice-versa.

3.11 – Public statements – Statements made public through press release, circulars, letters, pamphlets or any other media

3.12 – Bye-laws – Rules, other than those covered under the Articles of the Constitution, which are determined from time to time by the Ex-Co or at a General meeting

3.13 – Rules – Rules under the Articles of the Constitution



1 | The objectives of the APFS shall be

1.1 – To contribute to the promotion of French language teaching and learning within the structure of exchanges.

1.2 – To facilitate the improvement of French Language teaching.

1.3 – To promote individual and collective projects of research about French language and culture area.

1.4 – To create opportunities and find resources for practicing teachers to update their skills and improve their teaching.



1 | Number

The number of members of the APFS shall be unlimited.

2 | Types

There shall be the following types of membership:

2.1 – Ordinary Membership

2.2 – Honorary Membership

3 | Eligibility

3.1 – Any teacher teaching French of not less than 21 years of age is eligible for ordinary membership, after full payment of fees.

3.2 – Upon the recommendation of the Ex-Co, persons who have rendered some special services to the APFS or who have distinguished themselves in society are eligible for Honorary Membership and may be elected as such by a simple majority at a General meeting.

4 | Rights and Privileges

4.1 – Members shall have the right to participate in the Association’s activities.

4.2 – Only Ordinary Members shall have the right to vote at all General Meetings of the APFS and to be elected to office in the Ex-Co.  All members shall have the right to speak at all General Meetings of the APFS  and to place items on agendas of the General meetings.

4.3 – Subject to Rule 4.2 above, Honorary shall be entitled to all the benefits and privileges of membership except that they shall not claim any share of the assets of the APFS upon its dissolution.

4.4 – Proxy – Any member with voting rights may authorize any other member to vote on his behalf at any APFS meeting.  Notice of such proxy authorization in writing must be received by the Honorary Secretary not later than one (1) hour prior to the time and date of the meeting at which such proxy is to be voted.

5 | Obligations of Members

All members shall abide by the Constitution and not act in any way inconsistent with the objectives if the APFS.

6 | Subscription and Fees

6.1 – All membership shall terminate on December 31 of each year and shall be renewable from January 1 of the following year.  Membership fee for an Ordinary Member shall be fifty Singapore dollars (S$50/-) if he joins during the period from January 1 to June 30 and twenty-five Singapore dollars (S$25/-) if he joins during the period from July 1 to December 31.  Fee for the subsequent renewal shall be fifty Singapore dollars (S$50/-) valid for one year from January 1 to December 31.  Those members who have left their subscription lapsed shall re-subscribe at fifty Singapore dollars (S$50/-) for the calendar year they re-join.

6.2 – No annual subscription fee shall be payable by an Honorary Member.

6.3 – All subscription fees may only be varied by a two-third (2/3) majority at a general Meeting.

6.4 – Any special fee or subscription for a particular purpose may only be raised from all members by a simple majority at a General Meeting.

7 | Applications for Membership

7.1 – All applications for membership shall be submitted to the Ex-Co which may, at its discretion, accept or reject any application. The rejected applicant may, if he so desires, request the Ex-Co to furnish the reason(s) for the rejection of his application.  The Ex-Co is then bound to furnish the reason(s) to the rejected applicant, but there shall be no appeals from the decisions of the Ex-Co.

7.2 – A copy  of the Constitution shall be furnished to every approved member.

7.3 – A former member who had resigned or whose name had been struck off from the register of Members for one reason or other, may apply for re-admission subject to Rule 7.1 above.  Any such application for re-admission shall be considered a new application of membership.

8 | Resignations

8.1 – The Treasurer shall send out a notice of renewal of subscription one (1) calendar month before the date when the subscriptions are due.

8.2 – Any member who is more than one (1) month in arrears with the subscription or fees shall be deemed to have resigned from the APFS of his own accord.

8.3 – Any member who intends to resign from the APFS shall give written notice to the Secretary of his intention.  There will be no refund, total of partial, of the subscription fee.



1 | Composition

1.1 – The management of the APFS shall be vested in the Ex-Co which shall consist of the following members:






The majority of the committee members shall not necessarily be Singapore citizens.

At least one (1) and not exceeding five (5) Committee Members.

2 | Term of Office

2.1 – The Ex-Co members shall be elected every two years by a secret ballot or on a simple majority vote at the AGM.

2.2 – The tenure of office of the Ex-Co shall be two (2) years.

2.3 – Ex-Co member may seek a third term unless two (2) years had lapsed after the second term.

2.4 – No member shall hold more than one (1) post in the Ex-Co.

2.5 – All Ex-Co members are honorary office-bearers.

3 | Duties of Executive Committee Members

3.1 – The President shall preside at all General and Executive Committee meetings of the APFS.  He shall also represent the APFS in its dealings with outside persons.

3.2 – The Vice-President shall deputize for the President in the latter’s absence.

3.3 – In the event of their absence, the President or the Vice-President may delegate the chairmanship of any meeting to any member of the Ex-Co.  If there is no delegation, the chairman shall be elected from the members present.

3.4 – The Secretary shall keep all records, except financial, of the APFS.  He shall keep minutes of all General meetings and Ex-Co meetings, attend to all correspondence of the APFS, and shall prepare the Annual Report for submission to the AGM.

3.5 – The Treasurer shall:

(a) collect membership fees;

(b) receive and disburse monies on behalf of the APFS;

(c) retain in his hand for current expenses of the APFS a sum of money not exceeding two hundred Singapore dollars (S$200/-) at any one time; Any sum in excess of such amount shall be deposited as soon as possible in the name of the APFS in a bank approved by the Ex-Co;

  1. (d)keep an account of all monies received and paid; and prepare the Income and Expenditure statement, the Balance Sheet for audit purposes and for submission to the AGM.

4 | Powers and Procedures of the Ex-Co

4.1 – The Ex-Co shall have the following powers:

(a) to act for and represent the APFS in all matters;

(b) to carry out and execute the decisions and resolutions passed at a General Meeting;

(c) to manage and administer the funds of the APFS;

(d) to enforce the Rules and regulations of the APFS;

(e) to accept or reject any application of membership into the APFS;

(f) to co-opt an Ordinary Member of the APFS to hold office until the next AGM in the event of the death or resignation of any member of the Ex-Co or in the event of a vacancy occurring in any other manner, and such a co-opted member shall have voting rights;

(g) to appoint Sub-Committee whenever the Ex-Co deems necessary or expedient;

(h) to co-opt members into the Ex-Co to participate without any voting rights whenever the Ex-Co deems necessary;

(i) to remove from office any Ex-Co member who absents himself from three (3) consecutive Ex-Co meetings without satisfactory explanation;

  1. (j)to remove from office any office bearer or to expel or impose lesser penalties on any member, whose conduct is, in the opinion of the Ex-Co, prejudicial to the interests of the APFS.

In these instances 4.1(i) & (j), a successor may be co-opted by the Committee to serve until the next AGM.

5 | Executive Committee Meetings

5.1 – There shall be at least one Ex-Co Meeting once every four (4) months.

5.2 – The Secretary shall prepare and forward an agenda to all Ex-Co members not later than seven (7) days before the date fixed for the Ex-Co Meeting, except meetings convened on an urgent basis.

5.3 – The quorum for an Ex-Co Meeting shall not be less than half (1/2) of the Ex-Co members.

5.4 – Decisions at any Ex-Co Meeting shall be determined by a simple majority of the votes of the Ex-Co members present.  In the case of equal number of votes, the chairman of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote.


1 | Types

There shall be the following types of General meetings:

1.1 – Annual General Meetings (AGM)

1.2 – Extra-ordinary General Meetings (EGM)

2 | Annual General Meetings

2.1 – The AGM shall be convened by the Secretary not later than March each year at such time, date and place as shall be decided by the Ex-Co.

2.2 – Notice of the AGM shall be sent to all members by the Secretary not less than twenty-one (21) days before the date fixed for the AGM.

2.3 – Any proposed resolutions and/or motions for the Amendment of these rules shall be submitted to the Secretary not later than fourteen (14) days before the date of the AGM.  The Secretary shall then prepare and forward the agenda, which shall include any resolutions proposed by the members and/or motions for Amendment of the APFS’s Rules, to all members not less than seven (7) days before the AGM.

2.4 – The AGM shall be held, inter alia:

(a) to receive and adopt the Report of the Ex-Co;

(b) to receive and adopt the Statement of Accounts for the preceding year;

(c) Where applicable, to elect new Ex-Co members for the following term.

(d) to elect two honorary Auditors; and

(e) To discuss and vote on all resolutions and/or motions tabled on the agenda.

3 | Extra-ordinary General Meetings

3.1 – An EGM shall be convened by the Secretary either

(a) upon the instruction of the Ex-Co;

(b) upon a written request to the Secretary by at least ten (10) voting members; or

  1. (c)upon the instruction of the President.

3.2 – Such a written request by at least ten (10) voting members for an EGM shall state the object for which the EGM is desired and shall be signed by all voting members so requesting.  The Secretary shall then convene an EGM to decide on the matters specified therein, within twenty-one (21) days of receipt of the request.

3.3 – Notice of the EGM and its agenda shall be forwarded to all members by the Secretary at least seven (7) days before the EGM.

4 | Quorum

4.1 – The quorum for a General Meeting shall be one quarter (1/4) of the total voting membership or twenty-five (25) voting members whichever is less.

4.2 – In the event of no quorum, the General Meeting shall be adjourned for half (1/2) an hour.  If the number of voting members present should still be insufficient to form a quorum when the General Meeting has been reconvened, those voting members present shall form the quorum, but they shall have no power to alter, amend or make additions to any of the existing Rules.

5 | Procedures

5.1 – Any matter, arising at a General Meeting, unless specifically provided for in the Constitution, shall be decided by a simple majority, except when provided otherwise in the Constitution.

5.2 – In the event of equal votes, the Chairman of the General Meeting shall have a second or casting vote.



1 | Sources of Funds

1.1 – The financial resources of the Association comprise:

(a) Subscriptions from members

(b) Grants and subsidies

(c) Gifts, legacies and bequests accepted by the Committee

(d) Funds derived exceptionally with the approval of the competent authority

2 | Bank Accounts and Cheques

2.1 – All monies received by the APFS shall be duly deposited in the APFS’s Account(s) at the Bank(s) approved by the Ex-Co, except for a sum not exceeding two hundred Singapore dollars (S$200/-) which may be retained by the Treasurer for petty expenditure.

2.2 – All cheques shall be signed by the Treasurer and counter-signed by either the President or the Vice-President.

2.3 – The  Treasurer shall inform the Ex-Co of his prolonged absence.  In this case, all cheques shall be signed by the Vice-President and counter-signed by the President.

3 | Limits of Expenditures

3.1 – The President, Vice-President and Treasurer shall be empowered to approve payment not exceeding two hundred Singapore dollars (S$200/-) for any item of expenditure.

3.2 – The Ex-Co shall have the power to authorize expenditure of a sum not exceeding twenty-thousand Singapore dollars (S$20,000/-) from the APFS’s funds for the APFS’s purposes.

3.3 – Any single expenditure in excess of twenty thousand Singapore dollars (S$20,000/-) shall require the approval of the voting members at a General Meeting.

3.4 – The APFS’s funds shall not be used to pay the fines of any member who has been convicted in Court.

3.5 – The APFS’s funds shall not be used for donations, presents or any other purposes in connection with any political parties or trade unions.

4 | Financial Year

The financial year of the APFS shall be from the first (1st) day of January to the thirty-first (31st) day of December of each year in the Gregorian calendar.



1 | Term of Office

1.1 – Two (2) members, other than Ex-Co members, shall be elected as Honorary Auditors at each AGM.

1.2 – They shall hold office for two (2) years, and shall not be eligible for re-election at the next AGM.

2 | Duties

2.1 – The Honorary Auditors shall be required to audit each year’s accounts and present a report of the account to the AGM.

2.2 – They may be required by the President at any date to audit the accounts for any period within their tenure of office and make a report to the Ex-Co.



1 | Amendments of the Constitution

1.1 – No alterations, additions or amendments to the Constitution shall be made except at a General Meeting and with the approval of not less than two-thirds (2/3) of the voting members present, subject to the provisions of Rule 4 in Article VI of this Constitution.

1.2 – Any amendments of the existing Constitution shall not become effective without the sanction of the Registrar of Societies.

2 | Amendments to the Bye-laws

2.1 – Voting members at the AGM or EGM or the Ex-Co may make, alter, add to and appeal the Bye-Laws of the APFS, as long as they do not conflict with the Constitution of the APFS.

2.2 – Voting members will be notified of any changes in the Bye-Laws of the APFS after approval of such changes by the registrar of Societies.

3 | Interpretation of the Constitution

3.1 – In the event of any controversy over the interpretation of the provisions of the Constitution, the decision of the Ex-Co shall be final.

4 | Disputes

4.1 – In the event of any dispute arising amongst members, they shall attempt to resolve the matter at an Extraordinary General Meeting in accordance with this Constitution.  Should the members fail to resolve the matter, they may bring the matter to a court of law for settlement.

5 | Public Statements

5.1 – No member shall make any public statements in the name of the APFS without the prior approval of the Ex-Co.

6 | Annual Report

6.1 – The Ex-Co shall cause to be made out, and to be laid before the members at the AGM a report of the affairs and activities of the APFS during their term of office.



1 | Gambling of any kind, excluding the promotion or conduct of a private lottery which has been permitted under the Private Lotteries Act Cap 250, is forbidden on the Society’s premises.  The introduction of materials for gambling or drug taking and of bad characters into the premises is prohibited.

2 | The funds of the Society shall not be used to pay the fines of members who have been convicted in court of law.

3 | The Society shall not engage in any trade union activity as defined in any written law relating to trade unions for the time being in force in Singapore.

4 | The Society shall not attempt to restrict or interfere with trade or make directly or indirectly any recommendation to, any arrangement with its members which has the purpose or is likely to have the effect of fixing or controlling the price or any discount, allowance or rebate relating to any goods or service which adversely affect consumer interests.

5 | The Society shall not indulge in any political activity or allow its funds and/or premises to be used for political purposes.

6 | The Society shall not hold any lottery, whether confined to its members or not, in the name of the Society or its office‑bearers, Committee or members unless with the prior approval of the relevant authorities.

7 | The Society shall not raise funds from the public for whatever purposes without the prior approval in writing of the Head, Licensing Division, Singapore Police Force and other relevant authorities.



1 | Procedures

1.1 – The APFS shall not be dissolved except with the consent of not less than three-fifths (3/5) of the voting members of the APFS for the time being resident in Singapore, expressed either in person or by proxy or by postal vote at a General meeting convened for the purpose.

1.2 – In the event the APFS being dissolved as provided above, all debts and liabilities legally incurred on behalf of the APFS shall first be fully discharged, and the remaining assets shall then be disposed of in accordance with any decision taken by the members at the general Meeting convened for the purpose of dissolving the APFS.

1.3 – The incumbent Ex-Co shall give notice of the dissolution of the APFS to the Registrar of Societies within seven (7) days of the dissolution.

———- END ———